Sunday, May 6, 2018

Brief Review from PD program

What makes a good teacher great?
I would like to thank Dr. Kinley for inspiring the young youth like me to these teaching learning processes. Here are few things that I learned from the PD programme. Comparing the diamond with teachers were extremely great. I admired the way you made us understand the way we think. We teach the young youths and we learn from them too.
A GREAT TEACHER is:- Kind. Patient, Punctual, Cooperative, Approachable, Good, Honest and frank, Urge to learn, Carries positive attitudes, Willing to help students, Has a good communication skills, Show interest and dedication in teaching, Uses different methods of teaching, Is understanding, Humble and gentle, Knows every students individually, Has a good sense of humour, Respect students views, Good advisor, Hardworking, Role model, Passionate, Not biased, A guide.
He compared the teachers with the diamond. If you have a quality of diamond, nothing can break you. You can shine like a diamond which all the  people desire to have it. Toughest and you are the GEM.
What is the sense of humour?
In Indian serials, the size of the bindi determines how evil is that women. I remembered watching Indian serial and comparing the bindi lady with another lady. I would take few days to differentiate them and identify what roles each has.
What does a teacher with ‘sense of humour’ do?
Amusements, laughter, hilariousness, fun, delight, enjoyment, merriment, triggers smile, pleasure, cheers up, gratification.
What does humour do in the classroom?
Reduces anxiety (Freud 1928, Spencer 1960), contribute to dearer thinking (Cousin 1979), foster cognitive development (Walker and Good Son 1971), increases attention and interest in a topic (Gruner 1970s, Markiewicz 1974), motivate, reduce dullness and encourage discussion (Gibb 1964), increase creative thinking in adolescents (Ziv 1976), create a positive classroom, environment, help in the management of undesireable behavior.
Forms part of the teachers personal charisma, effective ice-breaker, relaxes students and make hook the students to subject and teachers.

How humour affects learning? Humour and the learning brain.
Humour is father of creative thinking. Humour is most significant dimension of human brain_ De Bondo

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Updates from February to March

Investiture ceremony

Karma Academy conducted the first investiture ceremony on 16th March 2018.
The investiture ceremony was graced by the Chief Dzongkhag Education Officer of Paro Dzongkhag. The programme started with the marchang offering ceremony followed by Tashi Tshakpa and the welcome dance by the cultural groups.
The investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers.
Chief DEO shared about his school life and the responsibilities that are to be shouldered. “Captainship doesn’t mean the power but the willingness to help the other friends” said the Chief DEO.
The programme started around 9; 30pm and continued till 12; 20pm.

Welcome night
Family of Karma Academy experienced the first ever welcome show on 24th February 2018.
Class XII students of Karma Academy organized the first ever welcome show to welcome the class XI students to a family of Karma Academy.
“The show was conducted to make it as a system and culture of the school”. Said one of the teachers.
The show was coordinated by class XII students with the help of warden, matrons and other teachers. There were ten dance performances. The shoe started at 7:30pm and continued till 9:30pm.

                                  Return show

Class XI students of Karma Academy organized return show on 3rd march 2018.
“We organized return show as an appreciation and respect for senior students, teachers and family of Karma Academy as a whole for warm welcome” Said one of the class XI student.
The show was conducted at dining hall. There were around fifteen dances consisting of Dzongkha, English and Hindi. “The return show was amazing. I had lots of fun” said one of the class XII students.

                                        Awareness programme on substance abuse
A group of volunteers from Chituen Phendey Association (Drop in center) conducted sensitization program on substance abuse on 17th March 2018 at Karma Academy.
The volunteers started their programme with an introduction. They shared their experiences with the students. “We start up with single doma and end with addiction. Addiction is a disease. The more we want the more addict we become.” said Mrs. Dechen.
Drop in center is in the heart of a Paro town. Some volunteers also shared about their miserable life as addiction.
“Our life becomes meaningless. Everyone neglects us. We will be living in a dark world. We become beggars and cannot fit in the society” said one of the volunteer.
They also encouraged students to stay away from being addicted and visit the Drop in Center if they need help.
The programme continued for two hours.