Saturday, March 15, 2014

Importance of morning assembly

Morning assembly is an important part of our life, because we start our day from morning assembly. During our assembly, we call up or remember our king, country and people…..we wish for our country’s peace….this is because if there is no peace than there won’t be development.

We should always remember our king, because king has been special and more concerned about the peace and prosperity of the people and also youths.

We remember our country, because it protects us and save us from evil, enjoying one of the most peaceful times.

We too remember our people, because if you want to be a good human being then you should have positive attitude and that includes; good with your friends, good with your relatives, good with your neighbors’ and above all you must try to be best with your parents. Think how you can be the best daughter or sons of your parents…

Our best thought should be to king to protect people for future peace. Our spiritual way is to pray and it’s a part of our culture and tradition because our culture is like shoes of our nation.

Lastly,  friends lets respect our prayer flag because it witness to promise, mind, thought, king, country and people.

Celebration of Krishna Janmashtami

Every day we experience something new, unknown and unseen which we never thought about it. The thing that we come across becomes a part of experience in our life.
The celebration of Krishna Janmashtami on 28th of August 2013, that was celebrated at Hindu Mandir, near Sherubtse College, Kanglung, has left a print in my heart. The programme was held jointly by the public and college students.

For the couple of days, I was eagerly waiting for the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami (Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna) as I am interested in such things.
The programme started at 8am with few students and the public in and around of the campus. Mr. Madeo Prasad Kafley was the main person involved to perform puja (ritual), while others were busy in the preparation of the programme. Everyone was busy with their own works.

As evening took its lead, the guests start arriving and immediately the small gathering turned into a mass. Having served them with tea and Prasad, the vhajan team started to lead and then soon we could hear the melody of spiritual songs. Many people showed their talents in singing while others could be seen clapping their hands never knowing that they were dissolved in the sweetness of the melody songs.
Lord Krishna is 8th son of Vasudeva and Devaki and 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is also a supreme Lord in Hindu religion and his birthday is celebrated based on Hindu calendar and it was 2,126 birthday of Lord Krishna.

The programme finally ended at around 12:30 am with the devotees praying for Lord Krishna. It was such an enjoyable moment that ever happened. The celebration has been really an enjoyable moment.

Celebration of Mahashivatri

People of Dantak celebrated the mahashivatri  pooja in Dantak mandir near college,kanglung on 27th of February.
Shivatri is celebrated in 11th month of hindu calendar in 14th day. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in hindu. It it usually celebrated at night because shivji has taken humans beings from darkness,he has given light to haman beings. Shivji is also known as Ruthra. It is belived that,after the celebration of mahashivratri,the green grass grows or everything turns into green…means dry season is over when sahivatri is celebrated. “I am really happy and proud to celebrate the maha shivratri,I even stayed fasting for  the whole day” said one of the person in Dantak.

Shivji stays at the top of the mountain (kailash) and at the top of all the gods,this is because he has super natural power and that is why shivji is also known as Mahadev. People basically offer white items because he loves white things. People aslo offer milk because he is made of Jal(water). Shivaji is also known as Bola Baba because he cares and loves others. Shivji is a creator and as well as destroyer that is  why he apply ashes  in his body. He apply ashes in his boby because we all are going to be ash after our death.

 Some of the lhotshampa students from sherubtse took Part in the pooja. Menuka, an environmental science student said, “ as I am really interested in the believes and customes of hindu, I was lucky to be one of the participants on shivaratri”.  “I feel relieved and get inspired by the culture followed by the people of dantak”, said Mr. Mon Bdr. Rai (6th semester).
Trisul in his hand symbolise the destruction of suffering. Ganesh is seen with rat,Parbati with lion,Katikaa with peacock and Shiva himself with ox,this symbolise that Shivaji can make everyone friendlier and,  can turn enemy into friends. He is said to be born from nowhere,he has no parents nor relatives.
Hindus believes that if they worship Shiva and celebrate Shivaratri then they can amend themselves and lead their life comfortably and happiness comes to them.


My life events…….

My poor parents were always after the head master, just to admit me to the school. I could still remember going school with my ama and sometimes with my papa just to admit me in school. I used to be the happiest person to go school although I was little girl. I could see my friends laughing and playing with their friends. I wish the same of them but unfortunatly or fortunately,I was always rejected from the school. I used to cry going in one of the corner of my little house where no one can see,even I used to pray and beg all the photos of gods that were pasted in the wall of my little home. Sometimes, I used to blame gods because I was fateup rejection.

Finally after three years, I was admitted to school in place of my brothers. I was sad, because I was admitted in place of my brothers, looking at them I used to blame my fate. Thought and wish we were rich so that my brothers will be admitted in other schools but this just went in vain and as a family of poor farmer,it was really hard for us to even feed ourselves. I used to think that, oneday I will become somebody and earn lots of money so that my family can be happy.

In 2005,I completed my primary level and went for secondary level.Slowly, I got adopted with the environment and could settle myself. I had a lots of experiences in my life. Some of my senior friends helped me and supported me a lots which I still remember.

My days went on…after reaching to Dorokha Middle Secondary School, I realised that, we can be happy even if we don’t have money. In my case that was not the problems but even a small thing,just like pen,pencil etc is exchanged with money. I felt that money is really important in our life because without money,we cannot do anything.

My life changed a lots after reaching DMSS, I thought to myself that, I will lead my life in a simple way because I believe in simplicity like Lord Buddha.

Now,I can stand on my own. My parents have struggle a lots just for us including me. I deeply thank my parents and above all Gods for helping us.

My mind has changed a lots. Now  I don’t want money which was my dream when I was in primary school. I want love, peace and happiness. Without love,there won’t be peace,so love is a source of peace and if we have love and peace then we can get happiness….so happiness is mixture of love and peace from my point of view.

I have experienced many things in my life...sometimes in rain and sometimes in sun. what I am and where I am is just because of my parents,friends,relatives,neighbour and above all TEACHERS. Thank you so much everyone.

Thank you parents

I am really lucky to born in this beautiful world. Thank you so much dear Ama and Papa. You all have been  gods of destiny. I have enjoyed my life as a daughter of simple farmer,still I am enjoying and I will be enjoying throughout my life. Everyone feels comfortabe with their parents but I am little different from them. I feel uncomfortable with my parents, it’s not that I am not frank with them, it’s because I respect, love, care and honor my dear parents.

We all love each other. My younger brothers care and loves me as I do. They are like a sun in the rain. They are mixture of rain and sun to form a rainbow. They courage me and share my risk. Thank you so dear bhais.

Everyone love to be loved. No one want to be betrayed. Same way I love my older brothers too. They are answers to my questions. They help me and courage me every time. They makes me proud in front of crowd. Thank you so much dear dadas.

Now thank goes to only sister. She always help me to make our family proud and kind to everyone.

Cousin brothers, sisters and their parents have been flowers in my garden. They care me a lots, comfort me when I am in sad. Thank you so much.

After all I thank every one of my community, neighbors, relatives, cousins and parents for your support, love and care towards me. You all have been the sweetest butterflies in my garden of love that comes for nectars.

Without you all, my life is empty……I miss you dear Ama and Papa because you are tears of happiness when I am sad… you are gods of brain. I missed you everyone because you all have helped me a lots. All the thanks goes to you.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First day at sherubtse.

During my school days, I heard like, college is a place where we get lots of freedom and enjoyment. For me the word, “COLLEGE” sounds so sweet and melodious. Heard everyone want to be in college and enjoy themselves. When I was in primary school, I used to dream myself becoming a teacher and sharing my experiences to my dear students. After reaching middle school, I dream of becoming doctor and saving life of poor people. My dream all vanished away after giving examination of class ten. When I was in high school, I dreamt myself going college with many new friends.
 Finally, my dream was coming real. When I first reached sherubtse, I was really confused knowing nothing, I did not know where to go because my name was reflected in one of the boys hostel. Luckily, my friends helped me. Everything seems really different and new which I have never seen before but one thing, “I WAS NEVER INFLUENCED”. I could see people talking in different languages which were really hard for me. Group of people moving here and there, gangs of dogs barking and chasing the people, some villagers carrying baskets and going door to door, some people busy in their own world….this is what I observed at the first of my college life, mean in sherubtse.
At first, I thought of running away from college because I was unknown with the environment. I thought to myself that, whatever challenges comes, I will face it because it was my dream to come in college. I came to new place with new hope and dreams of my parents, relatives, friends and neighbors. Loneliness is all I felt in my heart and maybe that was meant to be. It was feeling I encountered for the first time and it was also a experience to be learned. Tearful eyes were really hard to terminate.
As days passed by, I could realize myself that, all I came across was nothing but it was way of living. The busy people, gangs of dogs that I saw were nothing but it was their way of living on their own. This is also a lesson in my life which I have learned.  Now I am happy to be sherubtsean because I learned that, meeting and parting is way of life. No one can go back and change the beginning because it is already late for us. As said by somebody,” changing the face can change nothing but facing the challenge can change everything.”