Monday, May 12, 2014

Dreams become reality

I am big friend of zeetv; I usually watch all the serials of zeetv whenever I am free. It was first time going in TV room after coming to Sherubtse College just to watch serials, I found many other girls watching movies, so I quietly returned to my room. I opened my laptop and played a game and by the time it was already 12:06.

I log off my laptop and went to sleep. It was such a difficult time for me to close my eyes. I tried allots to fall asleep but couldn’t. I was lying on my bed but my mind was just roaming, thinking of unusual things that I have never thought of.

Suddenly I was at my home with my ama and papa. I could hardly believe myself reaching in Denchukha all of a sudden. I came out of my home and saw the sky filled with beautiful clouds. I noticed that, blue sky was covered with white clouds and some of the sky was covered with different colours of cloud which I have never seen before. I could see the steps made of clouds, starting with bigger one and ended with smaller one. The beautiful steps were covered with a shape of love sign. I quickly rushed towards hen house and tried to take a snape of those clouds, but all of a sudden, it started vanishing and I could snape only the vanishing clouds.

I was back to Kanglung after that. I went somewhere with my adopted sister just to enjoy the environment of the Kanglung though it was cloudy day. We were going down steep. I walked before my sister. She called me, “nana yeha pani raicha” so I looked back and saw a pond. I noticed that, it was actually a lake type. I met one old grandfather and asked him about that lake, but he explained me in a shortcut way. I saw something just like lightening falling from sky and suddenly the side of the lake was dried. I was surprised looking at it, but my surprise woke me up and I was just lying on my bed. I could still remember all the dreams. I asked few friends about the lake and heard that, there was a lake in Yonphula.

On 9th of May 2014, it was a time for Yonphula tshechu, so I decided to visit the lake while going for tshechu. It was a cloudy day and still I decided to go there with my two friends. We went looking for it though we did not have any idea about it. On the way, we met grandfather and asked him and we too asked other people about that lake. Finally, we manage to reach Yonphula Airport (heliport). After that, we met group of boys and they showed us the way to lake. The lake was bit down from heliport; we went there and prayed lighting an incense stick. I could see different light coming to me when I sat down for a while praying for the peace and harmony in the world and for all the people.
It was really a memorable day. By the time, I noticed everything that I saw in my dream, the grandfather that I met in my dream, the sky with different colours, the steep that we walked, the lake that has started drying, the cloudy day, everything was in a real, I was surprised with my dream and the reality. After all I was very glad because I know; it is a sign of something that I only know it……thank you Gods for what you have made me.

who am I?

1.   Who am I?
The questions that always lingered inside me have been answered 50% by now. This question particularly have been little difficult for me to answer but I have my own answers that I think is best suits. This question helps us to know ourselves and our responsibilities as human beings.
The answers to this particular question are that, I am daughter of a simple farmer that lives in a remote place. The second answer is that, I am Dil Kumari Rai studying at Sherubtse College with a philosophy, “Let Me Give My Happiness to All the Living Beings (Others) and let me Borrow Their Sufferings”, but I am not me. It’s not my body but inner self.  I can say that, I am a girl with positive attitude, love to stay in a silent place, live for others and pray silently (interconnected).

2.   Why am I here?
As a citizen, as a daughter, as a sister, as a relative, as a neighbour, as a friend and among all as a GIRL, I know who I am and my responsibilities. I was born not to destroy the world but to protect and safeguard the beings. I am here because of you and you are here because I am here. I am here because I wanted to serve my parents, community and Nation as a whole. Science is to empower the world but not to dominate the world. I am here because I wanted to make our world beautiful place to live in and make innocent people understand that, we all are under same roof in one world so that we become one.

3.   Where am I heading for?
Every people love to live peacefully and with lots of facilities that makes our life comfortable. I came in Sherubtse College with heart full of dreams of my parents, relatives, friends, society and nation as a whole. Before becoming somebody, I wanted to be a good human being with positive attitude, best daughter of my dear parents, best friend of my friends, best relative of my relatives, best citizen of our country etc... I am looking ahead to help the needy people through positive attitude as I believe myself that I can do it.

                                                                                                                       Dil Kumari Rai
                                                                                                                       Dzongkha Media
                                                                                                                       II Semester

Friday, May 9, 2014

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