Monday, February 15, 2016

Small hut with a big bussiness

Kanglung bussinessman runs his bussiness successfully.

Dechen wangdi,66 years old started doing bussiness in his own interest. He feels bussiness is better for the old people because it is hard for old people to work under sun and rain.

Dechen wangdi  enjoy being bussinessmen.“Before I have run a canteen for two years at Jampeling Higher Secondary School and earn more profits than now because it was inside the school campus, but I left that canteen because i was having debts and it was hard for me to manage time as I have to walk one hour from my home ”, Said Mr Dechen Wangdi.
According to Dechen Wangdi, he feels present shop is better for  him, though he earns less profits. Apart from his bussiness, he manage time for his family. He don’t face any problems with the bussiness and can earn enough for  his famalies.
 “I wake up early morning and prepare chillie chops, pagge, samasa for sale” said Mr Dechen Wangdi. He adds that customers do not give any problems to him even though his shop is by the  roadside.
“As a bussinessman,I would suggest all the people to have interest on their work, manage the time and know the value of your work” said Mr Dechen Wangdi.

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