Saturday, March 15, 2014

Importance of morning assembly

Morning assembly is an important part of our life, because we start our day from morning assembly. During our assembly, we call up or remember our king, country and people…..we wish for our country’s peace….this is because if there is no peace than there won’t be development.

We should always remember our king, because king has been special and more concerned about the peace and prosperity of the people and also youths.

We remember our country, because it protects us and save us from evil, enjoying one of the most peaceful times.

We too remember our people, because if you want to be a good human being then you should have positive attitude and that includes; good with your friends, good with your relatives, good with your neighbors’ and above all you must try to be best with your parents. Think how you can be the best daughter or sons of your parents…

Our best thought should be to king to protect people for future peace. Our spiritual way is to pray and it’s a part of our culture and tradition because our culture is like shoes of our nation.

Lastly,  friends lets respect our prayer flag because it witness to promise, mind, thought, king, country and people.

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