Monday, January 23, 2017

Days that have changed

People these days’ talks about the “journey of life”. They wanted to talk about their journey how it has changed their life then. Once while I was talking to my friend, she told me that, I am like her grandmother. It’s not that I am old like her grandmother but I act like her grandmother. We had lots of conversations and sometimes arguing with each other. Finally I decided to recall about my journey that I have been till date.
I was born to a family of nine including my father, mother, one elder sister and five brothers. Our village was one of the remote parts Samtse Dzongkhag. I remembered the days that I have spent. Struggle that I have faced.
I was little girl when I was admitted to the girl. Yes I got to go to school after requesting and waiting for three years but I am thankful to everyone who has supported me. I used to go to school with my friends. Most memorable moments in my life was when my sister used to ask me to bend on the stupas of the Gods. Om My God, I still remembered how I to pray. Most interestingly, I used to fly right after lying on my bed.
These days even the small kids wanted to have mobile phone. Last year I went to my village and I was surprised that, most of the young girls were married. Small kids with mobile phone and asking for number. OMG I was shocked.
I looked at them and I recalled my childhood days. Days when we have to live with a nettle plants and popcorn, Days that we used to carry oranges, Days that we used to stay in a dark and study with a bamboo fire and the leeches that used to attack us and suck our bloods.
This is how far I have come. These days we all are smart enough to live our life but during olden days, we were like….omg let’s do it again…

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