Tuesday, January 24, 2017


   Someone has rightly said “Marriage is an empty box”. Obviously! Marriage is an empty box and that empty should be filled by the couple. The box should be filled and tight with love, care, trust and happiness that cannot flood out.
Marriage is union between individuals that creates kinship.

while for someone who doesn’t about marriage  is going to be in a prison because they don’t have mutual understanding, cannot deal with a situations, cannot balance between good and a bad. Whereas for some,  marriage is a happiness because they know how to balance between the good and a bad. No matter what all we need to do is, “ know how to handle the situations”.  There is no love in marriage because love is in the people and those couple turns their love into marriage.

Marriage is a commitment between two souls. It is a decision of two people to stay together forever and stand by each other no matter how hard the life is. Couples promising to protect each other, promising to hold each other whenever husband or wife fall. Marriage should be a reason to smile each day and live with a greatest happiness.
One need not be pretty to be a partner. What matter most is, “attitude”. Attitude that makes a home beautiful place to live. Respecting, loving, caring and serving with full dedication is a greater part of marriage.
Marriage is not about finding a perfect partner. It is all about dealing with the situations. People don’t make mistakes intentionally. It is the situations that demands but those situations should be dealt with a positive attitude. Imperfect partners can become a perfect partner keeping in mind about the positivism of the living.
If both the partners have mutual understanding then whole life of the couple is going to be a valentine but if the partners think themselves right then the whole life of them is going to struggle. let's be a positive thinker and believer that makes our lives beautiful. Almighty blesses all the sentient beings :-) 

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