Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebration of Mahashivatri

People of Dantak celebrated the mahashivatri  pooja in Dantak mandir near college,kanglung on 27th of February.
Shivatri is celebrated in 11th month of hindu calendar in 14th day. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in hindu. It it usually celebrated at night because shivji has taken humans beings from darkness,he has given light to haman beings. Shivji is also known as Ruthra. It is belived that,after the celebration of mahashivratri,the green grass grows or everything turns into green…means dry season is over when sahivatri is celebrated. “I am really happy and proud to celebrate the maha shivratri,I even stayed fasting for  the whole day” said one of the person in Dantak.

Shivji stays at the top of the mountain (kailash) and at the top of all the gods,this is because he has super natural power and that is why shivji is also known as Mahadev. People basically offer white items because he loves white things. People aslo offer milk because he is made of Jal(water). Shivaji is also known as Bola Baba because he cares and loves others. Shivji is a creator and as well as destroyer that is  why he apply ashes  in his body. He apply ashes in his boby because we all are going to be ash after our death.

 Some of the lhotshampa students from sherubtse took Part in the pooja. Menuka, an environmental science student said, “ as I am really interested in the believes and customes of hindu, I was lucky to be one of the participants on shivaratri”.  “I feel relieved and get inspired by the culture followed by the people of dantak”, said Mr. Mon Bdr. Rai (6th semester).
Trisul in his hand symbolise the destruction of suffering. Ganesh is seen with rat,Parbati with lion,Katikaa with peacock and Shiva himself with ox,this symbolise that Shivaji can make everyone friendlier and,  can turn enemy into friends. He is said to be born from nowhere,he has no parents nor relatives.
Hindus believes that if they worship Shiva and celebrate Shivaratri then they can amend themselves and lead their life comfortably and happiness comes to them.


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