Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thank you parents

I am really lucky to born in this beautiful world. Thank you so much dear Ama and Papa. You all have been  gods of destiny. I have enjoyed my life as a daughter of simple farmer,still I am enjoying and I will be enjoying throughout my life. Everyone feels comfortabe with their parents but I am little different from them. I feel uncomfortable with my parents, it’s not that I am not frank with them, it’s because I respect, love, care and honor my dear parents.

We all love each other. My younger brothers care and loves me as I do. They are like a sun in the rain. They are mixture of rain and sun to form a rainbow. They courage me and share my risk. Thank you so dear bhais.

Everyone love to be loved. No one want to be betrayed. Same way I love my older brothers too. They are answers to my questions. They help me and courage me every time. They makes me proud in front of crowd. Thank you so much dear dadas.

Now thank goes to only sister. She always help me to make our family proud and kind to everyone.

Cousin brothers, sisters and their parents have been flowers in my garden. They care me a lots, comfort me when I am in sad. Thank you so much.

After all I thank every one of my community, neighbors, relatives, cousins and parents for your support, love and care towards me. You all have been the sweetest butterflies in my garden of love that comes for nectars.

Without you all, my life is empty……I miss you dear Ama and Papa because you are tears of happiness when I am sad… you are gods of brain. I missed you everyone because you all have helped me a lots. All the thanks goes to you.


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