Saturday, March 15, 2014

My life events…….

My poor parents were always after the head master, just to admit me to the school. I could still remember going school with my ama and sometimes with my papa just to admit me in school. I used to be the happiest person to go school although I was little girl. I could see my friends laughing and playing with their friends. I wish the same of them but unfortunatly or fortunately,I was always rejected from the school. I used to cry going in one of the corner of my little house where no one can see,even I used to pray and beg all the photos of gods that were pasted in the wall of my little home. Sometimes, I used to blame gods because I was fateup rejection.

Finally after three years, I was admitted to school in place of my brothers. I was sad, because I was admitted in place of my brothers, looking at them I used to blame my fate. Thought and wish we were rich so that my brothers will be admitted in other schools but this just went in vain and as a family of poor farmer,it was really hard for us to even feed ourselves. I used to think that, oneday I will become somebody and earn lots of money so that my family can be happy.

In 2005,I completed my primary level and went for secondary level.Slowly, I got adopted with the environment and could settle myself. I had a lots of experiences in my life. Some of my senior friends helped me and supported me a lots which I still remember.

My days went on…after reaching to Dorokha Middle Secondary School, I realised that, we can be happy even if we don’t have money. In my case that was not the problems but even a small thing,just like pen,pencil etc is exchanged with money. I felt that money is really important in our life because without money,we cannot do anything.

My life changed a lots after reaching DMSS, I thought to myself that, I will lead my life in a simple way because I believe in simplicity like Lord Buddha.

Now,I can stand on my own. My parents have struggle a lots just for us including me. I deeply thank my parents and above all Gods for helping us.

My mind has changed a lots. Now  I don’t want money which was my dream when I was in primary school. I want love, peace and happiness. Without love,there won’t be peace,so love is a source of peace and if we have love and peace then we can get happiness….so happiness is mixture of love and peace from my point of view.

I have experienced many things in my life...sometimes in rain and sometimes in sun. what I am and where I am is just because of my parents,friends,relatives,neighbour and above all TEACHERS. Thank you so much everyone.

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