Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First day at sherubtse.

During my school days, I heard like, college is a place where we get lots of freedom and enjoyment. For me the word, “COLLEGE” sounds so sweet and melodious. Heard everyone want to be in college and enjoy themselves. When I was in primary school, I used to dream myself becoming a teacher and sharing my experiences to my dear students. After reaching middle school, I dream of becoming doctor and saving life of poor people. My dream all vanished away after giving examination of class ten. When I was in high school, I dreamt myself going college with many new friends.
 Finally, my dream was coming real. When I first reached sherubtse, I was really confused knowing nothing, I did not know where to go because my name was reflected in one of the boys hostel. Luckily, my friends helped me. Everything seems really different and new which I have never seen before but one thing, “I WAS NEVER INFLUENCED”. I could see people talking in different languages which were really hard for me. Group of people moving here and there, gangs of dogs barking and chasing the people, some villagers carrying baskets and going door to door, some people busy in their own world….this is what I observed at the first of my college life, mean in sherubtse.
At first, I thought of running away from college because I was unknown with the environment. I thought to myself that, whatever challenges comes, I will face it because it was my dream to come in college. I came to new place with new hope and dreams of my parents, relatives, friends and neighbors. Loneliness is all I felt in my heart and maybe that was meant to be. It was feeling I encountered for the first time and it was also a experience to be learned. Tearful eyes were really hard to terminate.
As days passed by, I could realize myself that, all I came across was nothing but it was way of living. The busy people, gangs of dogs that I saw were nothing but it was their way of living on their own. This is also a lesson in my life which I have learned.  Now I am happy to be sherubtsean because I learned that, meeting and parting is way of life. No one can go back and change the beginning because it is already late for us. As said by somebody,” changing the face can change nothing but facing the challenge can change everything.”

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